Our Services

WISE serves students of low-income backgrounds through three programs and a large base of volunteers from high-schools and colleges

WISE Trailblazers

Teaching science to students of 1st grade to 8th grade using practical experiments and videos. Our goal is to pique their curiosity and kindle an interest to study in the tender hearts!

WISE Higher Ground

Teaching science to high school students through practical experiments, video lectures and revision worksheets. Our goal is to encourage concept understanding and retention!

WISE Health

Health care for the underprivileged children and their families. Volunteers conduct health camps at the schools we serve

The Journey

The story of the student revolution that is WISE. Learn more about how an idea is changing students' lives and inspiring them to help others around them
  • 2012

    We are born

    On October 21st, as the world slept, a spark of change flickered to life in Bangalore. The brainchild of Shashwat Behl and Suhas Raghav, WISE was soon supported by like-minded students such as Ahan MR and Vignesh Reddy among many others.

  • 2012

    Our first workshop

    On December 15th, a group of volunteers conduct the very first workshop at Divine Mercy High School, Bangalore. The students at the school become excited at getting taught science with practical experiments and videos. Upon quizzing them at the end of the session, the teachers are amazed at the resulting concept retention!

  • 2013

    The movement grows!

    WISE volunteers, who are students themselves, inspire their friends to join the cause! This enables WISE to reach out to more schools than ever before and conduct regular workshops at Divine Mercy High School and Indira Gandhi International Academy

  • 2014

    Goldman Sachs visits us!

    In June, WISE conducted a science exhibition at Indira Gandhi International Academy. Three hundred children from fifth grade to twelfth grade were taught to practically demonstrate sixty science experiments. The executives who visited us, greatly acclaimed our work!

  • 2014

    WISE Health Launches

    Our benevolent volunteers begin conducting regular health-checkup camps at the schools we serve

  • 2014

    The CSR Route

    October brings about support from BOSCH and Tech Mahindra Foundation for the work done over the past two years! They are keen to support WISE for future expansion

  • 2014

    Off to Mumbai!

    WISE expands to Mumbai and Ritika Shrivastava leads a team of volunteers conducting workshops at many schools

  • 2015

    National Recognition

    WISE wins two of nine Youth For Seva Yuva Chetana Awards in the category of best volunteer management and best visionary

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Learn more about each of our undertakings. The volunteers involved and the resulting success
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WISE Mumbai

W.I.S.E Mumbai conducts its first workshops at Kherwadi Municipal School which is maintained by Aseema Organisation ,an NGO. Volunteers conducted workshops for 6 different classes and got an overwhelming response from the kids. The faculty have asked us to conduct our workshops regularly!        The workshops lasted for about 3.5 hours and a team of 8 volunteers […]

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Science Exhibition at IGIA

When the students of IGIA heard that there was going to be a science exhibition at their school and they would be participating, they were happy, surprised and a bit scared. During the sessions that we the W.I.S.E team conducted at IGIA, building the self-confidence of students and removing their stage fear formed an important […]

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WISE is glad to announce its whole new project (WISE-EWB-KIT) in the field of education and solar energy. Engineers Without Borders Germany  (EWB-KIT-Germany) has agreed to associate and collaborate with WISE, to set up Solar Power Plants in various schools in India and to spread the Solar Energy resource awareness among schools and students. Soon the […]

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International Academy Workshop

The students greatly enjoyed the workshop and the school management earnestly requested more!      WISE conducts a workshop at a school called “International Academy” in Bangalore. The workshop was conducted by Suhas Raghav, Ahan MR, Ritika, Vignesh, Shailaja and Sucheta. They taught a lesson from the Re-WISE curriculum. The students greatly enjoyed the workshop […]

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